Methodologies Resources, Energy and Environment Biosciences and Bioengineering Materials Science and Engineering
M1 Multiphysics
M2 Design optimisation
M3 Visualisation
M4 Spectral methods
M5 Stochastic diffusion
M6 Surface comp. I
M8 Unstructured data
M9 Liquid crystals
M10 Fokker-Planck
M11 Reaction-diffusion
M12 Fluid on surfaces
M13 Time-dep. PDEs
M14 Surface comp. II
M16 Fractional diffusion
M17 Bayseian inverse
M18 Reaction-diffusion II
M19 Microfluidic flows
M20 Crystal growth
M21 Stochastic Modelling
REE1 Lattice Boltzmann
REE2 Oil reservoir
REE3 Dunes
REE4 History matching
REE5 Climate forecasts
REE6 Photovoltaics
REE7 Tokamaks
REE8 Porous media
REE9 Organic PV
REE10 Climate change
REE11 Membrane filters (1)
REE11 Membrane filters (2)
REE12 Water purification
REE13 Tokamak erosion
REE14 Closures
REE15 Heavy metals
REE16 Freezing colloids
BB1 Root growth
BB2 Tear film
BB3 Plasma membrane
BB4 Sperm
BB5 Motility
BB6 Heart
BB7 Ion channels
BB8 Neural fields
BB9 Morphoelasticity
BB10 Synapses
BB11 mRNA polymerase
BB12 Swarm
BB13 Morphorods
BB14 Binocular rivalry
BB15 Synaptic clustering
BB16 Hybrid models
BB17 Brain mechanics I
BB18 Self-assembly
BB19 Retinal disease
BB20 Brain mechanics II
BB21 Multitubes
BB22 Lymphaniogenesis
BB23 The bleb
BB24 Vascular tumour
BB25 Reaction-diffusion
BB26 Kidneys
BB27 Umbrella cells
BB28 Tumour growth
BB29 Soft Condensed Matter
MSE1 Dislocations
MSE2 Surfactant
MSE3 Electrochemistry
MSE4 Colloids
MSE5 Organic PV
MSE6 Splash
MSE7 Ropes
MSE8 Liquid crystals
MSE9 Nano-assembly
MSE10 Elasto-capillarity
MSE11 Bistable LCDs
MSE12 Evaporating drop
MSE13 Engine wear
MSE14 Elastomeric