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16 May 2013

Feeling Puzzled? Read Thomas Woolley’s account of the OCCAM trip to James Dalgety’s wonderful Puzzle Museum, home to 50,000+ examples of the capacity of objects to challenge our imagination and ingenuity.

17 Apr 2013

The Mechanics behind seashell spines. Read more about Derek Moulton’s work as featured in Nature.

12 Apr 2013

Congratulations to  Laura Kimpton, winner of the Lighthill-Thwaites Prize.

10 Apr 2013

OCCAM would  like to wish Matthew HennessyLaura Kimpton (née Gallimore), Matthew Moore and Thomas Woolley all the best of luck as they are four of the five finalists being considered for the prestigious Lighthill-Thwaites Prize. The results will be announced tommorrow at the BAMC 2013 being held in Leeds this week.

5 Feb 2013

Registration for The Oxford Conference on Challenges in Applied Mathematics (OCCAM) is now open.

28 Jan 2013

OCCAM is delighted to announce a major five-year conference to be held in St Anne’s College, Oxford from 1st - 5th July 2013. The Oxford Conference on Challenges in Applied Mathematics (OCCAM) will cover the four keys areas of Continuum MechanicsEnergy and ResourcesBioscience and Methodologies. It will be both a celebration of what we and our partners have achieved so far and an insight in to the latest thinking from scientists across the academic world. In the spirit of OCCAM there will be plenty of time for delegates to get involved via Q & A, discussion and informal collaboration.

A link to registration will be posted on this page once open.

25 Sept 2012

Dominic Vella works out how not to break an egg...
11 Sept 2012

Congratulations to Amy Smith, for being awarded a prize for her poster at CMMB2012.

15 Aug 2012

Congratulations to Dominic Vella who has been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (RAAC 2012 for details).

29 Jun 2012

Chris Prior and Alain Goriely’s article on “Transforming tubes” has been published in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Click on the link to find out more.

22 May 2012

Congratulations to Matthew Hennessy who's outstanding efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the SIAM Chapter at Oxford University were recognised.

5 Mar 2012

Congratulations to Dr Apala Majumdar who has been awarded the British Liquid Crystal Society Young Scientist Prize for 2012.

18 Feb 2012

Congratulations to Dr Jen Pestana, one of OCCAM's newest post-docs, who has been announced as one of the winners of the Student Paper Competition for the 2012 Copper Mountain Meeting on Iterative Methods

17 Feb 2012

OCCAM's Summer Studentship scheme opens for applications. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 21 March 2012.

19 Jan 2012

OCCAM's evil genii make their mark in print!

10 Jan 2012


Find the three references to OCCAM on the blackboards that can be accessed via this link (click here) and email us: occam [-at-] maths [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk with your answer. The first correct answer wins the Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

20 Dec 2011

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Oxford Mathematicians - OCCAM helps Moriarty plot world domination in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. Read more.

28 Sept 2011

Apala Majumdar has been awarded an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship funding her research into Liquid Crystals for a period of five years. More details can be found at

23 Sept 2011

On June 29 Prof. Nick Trefethen collected his IMA Gold Medal at the Royal Society. The Gold medal is awarded in alternate years in recognition of outstanding contributions to mathematics and its applications over a period of years. At the ceremony Nick gave the IMA Summer Lecture on "Six Myths of Polynomial Interpolation and Quadrature". The lecture was written up as the cover article of the latest edition of Mathematics Today.

30 June 2011

Congratulations to Dr Monika Gullerova, from the Dunn School of Pathology, who has received the Loreal-UNESCO Woman in Science UK award. She also supervises OCCAM student Rita Schlackow.

27 June 2011

Congratulations to Dr Konstantinos Zygalakis who has won second prize in the 15th Leslie Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis 2011.

7 June 2011

Congratulations to Dr Radek Erban who has been awarded a Junior Kurti Fellowship at Brasenose College, which will start in October 2011. This will be his third Junior Research Fellowship whilst at Oxford University. He is currently a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College (2008-2011), and prior to this he was a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College (2005-2008).

27 April 2011

Congratulations to Dr Radek Erban on his Royal Society University Research Fellowship, which will start on 1 October 2011.

21 April 2011

Congratulations to Dr Chong Luo, Dr Apala Majumdar and Dr Radek Erban for their poster “A two-dimensional bistable liquid crystal device - the effects of anchoring, electric fields and flexoelectricity" for winning an honourable mention at the 2011 British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS) Annual Meeting in Nottingham during 18 - 20 April 2011.

15 March 2011

Congratulations to Dr Simon Cotter who has just been offered a Junior Research Fellowship at St Cross College Oxford starting in October 2011.

7 March 2011

Registration for the Mathematics-in-Eyes Study Group is now open. The deadline for registrations is noon on 17 June 2011.

9 February 2011

OCCAM invites applications for it's Summer Internships Scheme.  Please click here for more information.

15 December 2010

OCCAM invites applications for new Visiting Fellowships.  Please click here for more information.

15 December 2010

OCCAM invites applications for new Visiting Studentships and Visiting Postdoctoral Research Assistantships (OVS/OVPs).  Please click here for more information.

December 2010

The IMA Gold Medal is awarded in alternate years in recognition of outstanding contributions to mathematics and its applications over a period of years. This year the medal has been awarded to Nick Trefethen. The medal will be presented on 29 June 2011.

26 November 2010

OCCAM announces 3 new Postdoctoral Research Assistantships.  Please click PDRA 1, PDRA 2, and PDRA 3 for more information.

18 November 2010

OCCAM announces four new Research Studentship vacanciesPlease click here for more information.

3 November 2010

Congratulations to OCCAM's Dr. Radek Erban who has been awarded the prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize.

4 October 2010

OCCAM Welcomes 9 new DPhil students: Patricio Farrell, Benjamin Franz, Matthew Hennessy, Savina Joseph, Matthew Moore, Joseph Parker, Rita Schlackow, Ingrid Von Glehn & Shengxin Zhu

1 October 2010

OCCAM Welcomes 4 new PDRAs: James Kirkpatrick, Luo Chong, Thomas Maerz & Jay Newby.

October 2010

Mention of June's Modelling at Different Scales in Biology Conference in Mathematics TODAY (Oct 2010 issue) authored by Philip Maini.

29 September 2010

Aalok Shah is the latest OCCAM Visiting Student to grace our halls. He will be working with Alain Goriely & will be with us until 22 December 2010.

17 September 2010

OCCAM produces its first Newsletter. This will be termly publication & a pdf will be posted on this page.

16 August 2010

Ian Griffiths has been appointed as OCCAM’s 5th Research Fellow. He’ll work on modelling of removal of metals from water, in close collaboration with the Water Desalination Centre at KAUST, and the Complex Fluids Group at Princeton.

24 June 2010

OCCAM hosts the 2nd annual IAB meeting at St Anne's College, Oxford.

21 - 23 June 2010

OCCAM hosts the Modelling at Different Scales in Biology conference.

27 May 2010

Registration for the OCCAM Computational Neuroscience Workshop: Future Challenges in Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience is now open. The deadline for registrations is Noon on 12 July 2010 , & the deadline for poster submissions is Noon on 30 June 2010.

26 May 2010

Mark Flegg is the latest PDRA to join OCCAM. He will be working with Dr Radek Erban on the "Stochastic modelling of reaction-diffusion processes" [M11]project.

17 May 2010

Chris Prior is the latest PDRA to join OCCAM. He will be working with Prof Alain Goriely on the "Hierarchical scaling, structure, and mechanics of filamentary assemblies" [MSE7]project.

1 May 2010

Derek Moulton is the latest PDRA to join OCCAM.  He will be working with Prof. Alain Goriely on the "Mathematical modelling of growth in physical and biological systems" [BB9] project.

26 April 2010

Dr Colin Macdonald has been awarded the prestigious SIAM Richard C. DiPrima Prize.

19 April 2010

Simon Cotter is the latest PDRA to join OCCAM.  He will be working with on the "Chemical Fokker-Planck equation and multiscale modelling of (bio)chemical systems" [M10] project.

24 March 2010

In February 2010 Prof Alain Goriely was awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award to reflect his outstanding achievements.

12 March 2010

Prof. Paul Bressloff is part of a consortium that has been awarded a £2.8 million LOLA grant from the BBSRC "Engineering human neural networks." The consortium is led by Prof. Z. F. Cui (Bioenineering) and involves experimental partners at Cambridge University (Prof. Ole Paulsen) and Aston University (Prof. Michael Coleman).

10 March 2010

Prof. Paul Bressloff has been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus College, Oxford which will commence on 1 October 2010.

17 February 2010

OCCAM announce four new Postdoctoral Research vacancies.

5 February 2010

OCCAM are pleased to announce the launch of their 2010 Summer Internship scheme.

13 January 2010

Prof. Paul Bressloff has been invited as a plenary speaker at the next SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Stuctures, to be held in Philidelphia 16 - 19 August  2010.

8 December 2009

Nick Trefethen, Professor of Numerical Analysis & Education Co-ordinator of OCCAM, has been announced as the President-Elect of SIAM. Congratulations Nick!

19 November 2009

Peter Hunter, part of OCCAM's International Network and a member of its International Advisory Board, receives the prestigious Rutherford Medal. [More Information]

11 November 2009

OCCAM hosts the 2nd UK Graduate Modelling Camp. Please follow the link for further information & registration.

29 October 2009

Cecile Piret starts her three month visit to OCCAM as a Visiting PDRA.

28 October 2009

OCCAM publishes audio recordings from the Launch Event on the web.

5 October 2009

OCCAM welcomes Prof. John Hinch as an OCCAM Visiting Fellow until February 2010.

1 October 2009

OCCAM welcomes its newest PDRA, Nick Hale, who will be working on the Adaptive spectral methods in 1D and 2D project for the next 2 years.

1 October 2009

Two more OCCAM Visiting Students arrive, Zachary Kilpatrick & Jay Newby, both with us until 10 December 2009.

21 September 2009

OCCAM's Visitors' Programmes in action Prof. Colin Please (OCCAM Visiting Fellow 2 days per week until August 2010) & Chris Cawthorn (OCCAM Visiting Student until 21 December 2009) both arrive safely.

5 September 2009

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology officially opens. Several news reports can be accessed via the following links

KAUST: History in the making

KAUST: King’s gift to the world

Search for "KAUST" and a variety of articles can be located

1 September 2009

OCCAM welcomes Hayder Salman, an OCCAM visiting PDRA until January 2010.

10 August 2009

We are delighted to announce that Mohammed Badri, of Schlumberger Dhahran, has accepted our invitation to sit on the OCCAM International Advisory Board (IAB).

10 August 2009

OCCAM welcomes Amiya Pani, an OCCAM visiting Fellow until 20 November 2009.

4 August 2009

OCCAM welcomes Edmund Crampin, an OCCAM visiting Fellow until 6 January 2010.

16 July 2009

OCCAM is proud to announce the appointment of Alain Goriely as the inaugural holder of the Statutory Professorship of Mathematical Modelling.

1 July 2009

Paul Bressloff starts as OCCAM's first newly appointed permanent faculty member, Professor of Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience. 

29 June - 1 July 2009

The hugely successful OCCAM Launch Event takes place with over 130 eminent mathematicians from around the world.

29 June 2009

OCCAM proudly announces the appointment of Colin Macdonald as University Lecturer in Numerical Methodologies.

11 June 2009

OCCAM welcomes Graeme Wake, an OCCAM visiting Fellow until 26 July 2009.

26 May 2009

OCCAM welcomes Stan Lazic, visiting OCCAM as a Visiting Student until 21 August 2009.

14 May 2009

OCCAM is pleased to announce the arrival of the first two OCCAM Visiting Fellows, Prof Fornberg & Dr Flyer, who will be with us until 1 July 2009.

7 April 2009

OCCAM is pleased to announce the launch of its Summer Internship Scheme.

1 April 2009

OCCAM welcomes new Research Fellow, Dr Chris Farmer, and two new Post-Doctoral Research Assistants, Dr Jara Imbers Quintana and Dr Rob Style.

30 March - 3 April 2009

OCCAM's delegates (Prof John Ockendon, Dr Chris Breward, Prof Poul Hjorth, Dr Kamel Bentahar, Dr Andrew Ellis, Dr Cameron Hall, and Dr Tim Reis) attend the 68th European Study Group with Industry held at the University of Southampton. Prof. Ockendon has attended each of the 68 study groups in this series.

16 - 21 March 2009

OCCAM's delegates (Prof John Ockendon, Prof Jon Chapman, Dr Kamel Bentahar, and Prof Poul Hjorth) attended the Indian Study Group.

11 March 2009

Prof Poul Hjorth comes to OCCAM as a short term visitor for a few days before and after attending the Indian Study Group.

27 February 2009

OCCAM welcomes applicants for the University Lecturer in Numerical Methodologies in association with Oriel College (closing date 9 April 2009).

20 February 2009

Dr Hilary Ockendon's short report on the South African Study Group is published on the web.

16 February 2009

Dr Tasos Matzavinos visits OCCAM as part of the Visiting PDRA programme. He will be in OCCAM until 25 March 2009.

9 February 2009

OCCAM is pleased to announce that Paul Bressloff has been appointed to a Professorial level position, and will join the team in time for the Launch Event in June 2009. Paul is an internationally renowned researcher, especially in the mathematics of neuroscience, who has been awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award to reflect his outstanding achievements.

9 February 2009

OCCAM is pleased to announce the appointment of its fourth Research Fellow, Chris Farmer, who will be joining the team in April. Chris was a leading member of the maths team at Schlumberger and will bring to OCCAM expertise in geoscience, inverse problems and many other areas. 

2 February 2009

Cameron Hall joined OCCAM as the newest PDRA. His research project is entitled "Discrete and Continuum Dislocation Modelling" and will be supervised by Professors Ockendon and Chapman.

Hilary Term

The OCCAM Literature Seminar Series on Methodologies will take place each Wednesday during term in the OCCAM Common Room from 10.10 am (for details of papers to be discussed please refer to Forthcoming Events).

26 - 30 January 2009

Dr Hilary Ockendon, Dr Jonathan Whiteley and Dr Stephen Peppin represented OCCAM at the Sixth Mathematics in Industry Study Group in South Africa (MISGSA). This was a highly successful study group, with the industrial representatives being very impressed with the academic contribution to the problems posed. A talk was given on OCCAM after which several participants showed an interest in applying for various posts and visiting positions.

27 - 31 January 2009

Dr Chris Breward spoke at MISG @ UOW, Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group, University of Woollongong, Australia.

5 December 2008

OCCAM advertises four new post-doctoral research positions (now closed) and the OCCAM Visiting Studentships/PDRAs (vacancies).

19 November 2008

OCCAM advertises five new studentships (vacancies).

3 - 4 November 2008

Dr Jon Lockley, manager of the Oxford Supercomputing Centre, represented OCCAM at the Texas A&M workshop entitled KAUST Computational Infrastructure for Collaborative Research. 

14 - 17 October 2008

Professor Graham Sander, part of OCCAM's International Network and OCIAM Visiting Fellow, attended Partners in Progress,the KAUST Special Academic Partnership Technical Symposium followed by a GRP Workshop entitled Soil, Water and Coastal Resources: Challenges for Science and Technology both held in Jeddah. His visit has opened up some exciting mathematical challenges for OCCAM.

10 October 2008

The OCCAM Welcome Event was a huge success, with over 60 attendees from various academic institutions and sectors of industry.

1 October 2008

OCCAM officially opened its doors to staff and students for the first time.

30 April 2008 --------------------

The University of Oxford is awarded a KAUST GRP grant. Read the full press release here.-