OCCAM 4th UK Graduate Modelling Camp 2012

The Mathematical Institute & Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Tuesday 10th April - Friday 13th April, 2012

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The Graduate Modelling Camp is a 4-day workshop that aims to provide participants with hands-on experience of mathematical modelling under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The Camp is designed to promote a broad range of problem-solving skills, such as mathematical modelling & analysis, scientific computation & critical assessment of solutions.

The problems and mentors for this year's Camp are:

Abrasive Waterjet Etching
Prof. John Billingham, University of Nottingham
How to model an Air well Condenser Prof. Ingenuin Gasser, University of Hamburg
Optimization of drug delivery to tumours
Dr Ian Griffiths, University of Oxford
How to choose a football and confuse your enemy Prof Tim Myers, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Implants for Osteochondral Repair Using Cell Printing Dr Rebecca Shipley, University of Oxford

Problems for the Camp will continue to be updated as they are confirmed.

The problems are inspired by real problems that have arisen in industry or science. The Camp begins with presentations from the mentors then according to preference, the participants form teams to work on each problem. Scientific communication is an important part of the Camp and all participants are expected to make presentations, with each group expected to submit a report after the Camp has ended.

Please note that both verbal and written business level English are essential requirements for attendance on the Camp, and participants must have commenced doctoral-level studies.

The Camp is designed to run back-to-back with the European Study Group with Industry (ESGI), University of East Anglia, Norwich, 16 - 20 April 2012. The Camp runs the week prior to the ESGI, to provide additional problem-solving experience for the Graduate Students as a warm-up for the Study Group in Norwich.

Organiser: Dr Chris Breward

This Modelling Camp is supported by OCCAM using KAUST funds

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