First KAUST Study Group in Mathematics for Industry

First KAUST Study Group in Mathematics for Industry
23rd - 26th January 2011
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal (Saudi Arabia)

In association with the Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics (OCCAM)


The problems and summaries of the findings during the Study Group

The full reports on the findings of the Study Group together with industrial responses can be found in this document. Shorter reports are provided in this document.

 Below are the 9 problems that were proposed for the Study Group together with corresponding short summaries (of the progress made on them).

  1. ALJ: Car Centres Placement Problem (Short summary - Full report)
  2. GE: Fast Simulation Models for History Dependent and Nonlinear Time Consuming Finite Element Analyses (Benchmark Problem – Contact Mechanics) (Short summary - Full report)
  3. GE: Blockade determination using species distribution (Short summary - Full report)
  4. Schlumberger: Formation Response of High Frequency Electromagnetic Wave (Short summary - Full report)
  5. Schlumberger: Filtercake forming mechanisms at fracture and cavity openings (Short summary - Full report)
  6. Schlumberger: Modeling mass transfer in a rotating disk reaction vessel (Short summary - Full report)
  7. Aramco: Full-Waveform and Traveltime Inversion of Seismic Data - The Quest for High Frequency Solutions (Short summary - Full report)
  8. SABIC: Iron Furnace Problem (Short summary - Full report)
  9. SABIC: Initialization Strategy for Equation Oriented (EO) Systems (Short summary - Full report)



Participants were based in the Jeddah Hilton hotel, and there was a bus service between the hotel and the KAUST campus.

Time Table


Please contact Dr Kamel Bentahar <bentahar [-at-] maths [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk> (OCCAM) for any queries regarding industrial involvement.

For academic participation please contact Dr Ibrahim Hoteit <ibrahim [dot] hoteit [-at-] kaust [dot] edu [dot] sa> (KAUST)


About this Study Group

A study group for the solution of industrial problems that could benefit from innovative mathematics will be held on 23rd - 26th January 2011 on the campus of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Situated at a unique coastal location on the eastern shore of the Red Sea at Thuwal, KAUST is approximately 80 kilometers north of Jeddah.

The academic side of the Study Group will be organized by representatives from KAUST and OCCAM. We aim to bring together mathematicians to work on problems posed by industrial organizations based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and nearby regions. By 'industrial' we mean any activity of social or economic value. This notice is to invite you to take part in this event either as an industrial problem proposer or as an academic problem solver.

Such Study Groups have been a useful way of delivering the underpinning discipline of mathematics to difficult problems for more than forty years, and many mathematicians from all over the world take part in these events regularly. See for more information.

The organizers of this international event will be encouraging participation from academics early-career researchers as well as from those with a proven track record in successful study group engagement. The meeting provides opportunities for introducing academics and students to mathematical scientists from industry and also to learn from one another.

The benefits to industry include:

  • Useful new insights of practical value.
  • Learning about new methodologies via close interactions with academics.
  • Recruitment opportunities.

The benefits to academia include:

  • Discovering exciting new problems.
  • Learning about mathematical methodologies that help industry.
  • Finding interesting examples to inspire students.


Workshop Format

On the first day of the meeting the proposers present their problems. Later on the first day, the academics gravitate to their problems of interest, thus forming smaller working groups on each problem; they stay in touch with the industrial presenters either in person or remotely. On the last day, presentations are made by representatives from each group. Within a month, a written report on the problems will be provided.


The Study Group will help academics with their travel and living expenses. The living expenses of all participants will be paid by KAUST when they are in Saudi Arabia and a mix of industrial sponsorship, KAUST and OCCAM funding will cover travel costs for the academics. If academics are able to contribute some or all of their own travel costs this will be welcome. There will be opportunities for industrial participants to sponsor the meeting.

Confidentiality and IP Issues

The meeting will be free of any non-disclosure, confidentiality or other restrictive agreements. It is therefore necessary to treat the meeting as if it were any forum, workshop, conference or indeed any other type of open scientific meeting.



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