About Us

The Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics (OCCAM) is a research centre in Oxford University’s Mathematical Institute. 

The major intellectual challenges facing mankind demand innovative problem-solving to improve technologies and make best use of available resources. OCCAM meets that need by providing high-level mathematical skills in modelling, analysis and computation. OCCAM works in a wide array of scientific fields with its core projects spanning four areas: 

OCCAM’s research style is collaborative and global – many scientists from across the globe join us here in Oxford as visitors and for our events and we in turn work on projects and attend workshops and conferences around the world.

OCCAM exists alongside four other well-established groups of applied and computational mathematicians working in Oxford:

  • The Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM)
  • The Centre for Mathematical Biology (CMB)
  • The Numerical Analysis Group (NA Group)
  • The Computational Biology Group (CB Group)