Analytic Topology

Research Interests

The research interests of the group range over all aspects of modern day analytic topology. At the moment, the emphasis is on the relations of topology to logic, set theory, algebra, dynamical systems and category theory.

Please visit the members page for more details.

Research Seminars

There is a regular research seminar called "Analytic Topology in Mathematics and Computer Science". Seminars take place in the Mathematical Institute on most Wednesdays at 4pm during term and you are very welcome to join us.

Junior Research Seminars - BOATS

Since July 2008 the Birmingham Oxford Analytic Topology Seminars are taking place about twice each term. Please contact Gareth Davies for further information.

In Trinity Term 2010 the Junior Research Seminars will take place on those Wednesdays at 4pm where there is no Research Seminar (see above). Please contact Ben Chad for further information.


If you are interested in doing research in analytic topology in Oxford, please contact pjcoll [-at-] maths [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (Dr P J Collins).

Meetings and Conferences

The Oxford analytic topology research group is a member of the UK and Ireland Topology Research Ring, and hosted the second, sixth and eleventh Galway Topology Colloquia (named after the venue of the first such colloquium organised by the UK and Ireland TRR).

Useful Links

More useful resources about topology can be found at the links page.